Rokām tēsti baļķi mājas sienām

Apgūstu palēnām sentēvu tēšanas tehniku. Kopā jānotēš 70 baļķi. Vidēji vienā dienā var notēst 5-7 baļķus. Kā teiktu Dick Pornekee: “It is a hard work, but I enjoy it!”.

~ no divrocis uz 21/09/2011.

2 Atbildes to “Rokām tēsti baļķi mājas sienām”

  1. Cau ! Tu vari pateikt no kurienes naak instrumenti ? Mani intresee ssii ssteliite,bet probleemas ar instrumentiem.

  2. I like your chisels! How much for the set??
    1″ , 1-1/2″, 2″ and the slick, let me know because I am in the Dominican Republic and I am in need of a set. I am very picky and like what I see but I hope that they are not too expensive! Because I am really on a budget. My name is Santo by the way I only speak English and Spanish


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